Aero 1000 (HO) Fuel Injected 4-Stroke

The Aero 1000 HIGH OUTPUT (HO) 4-stroke delivers an astonishing 39.5 Horse Power. Weighing in at approx 80 lbs, you won’t find a lighter, more powerful aviation-grade FUEL INJECTED 4-Stroke engine. Light enough to be FAR Part 103 compliant (No Pilot License Required for PPG Flight)!

True Horse POWER

39.5 HP

Engine Weight

80 Lbs

Helvenco Suissauto Aero 1000 250 Four Stroke Ultralight Go Kart USA Dealer Importer BUSH DAWG Paramotor

Introducing The Aero 1000 HIGH OUTPUT

Meet The “Blue Head” Aero 1000 (HO)

Helvenco has squeezed every drop of power out of this Swiss made phenomenon – making it one of the most desirable engines in the world of light sport aircraft. As technology has allowed, the engine has become lighter, more durable, and more powerful than ever thought possible. The 2023 Aero 1000 HIGH OUTPUT is domestically available at FACTORY DIRECT pricing.

  • Featuring Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

  • Unmatched Aviation 4-Stroke Reliability

  • Precisely Designed by Swiss Engineers

Helvenco Suissauto Aero 1000 250 Four Stroke Ultralight Go Kart USA Dealer Importer BUSH DAWG Paramotor
39.5 HP

Horse Power


Displacement (CCs)


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation

Aero 1000 (HO) Fuel Injected 4-Stroke


The 2023 Aero 1000 Blue Head is a HIGH-OUTPUT, precision-built, single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a clutch, water-cooling, and electronic fuel-injection. It also has some very impressive specifications. With only a gallon of fuel spent per hour, this is the ultimate cross-country machine! With a max payload of 800 lbs, it’s also the ultimate TANDEM machine! HIGH-OUTPUT means better climb with heavier payloads, at higher elevations.


  • Engine: BlackHawk Aero 1000 HIGH OUTPUT 4-Stroke

  • Cooling: Water-Cooled

  • Bore/Stroke: 77 / 59 mm

  • Displacement (CC’s): 275 cc

  • HP: 39.5

  • Max RPM: 9500

  • Reduction Type: Reduction Belt With Centrifugal Clutch

  • Cylinder Head: 4 Valves per Cylinder – DOHC on Roller Bearings

  • Lubricating System: Dry Sump With Diaphragm

  • Approx Thrust: 276 Lbs*

  • Electric Start Method: Digital CDI With Rev-Limiter

  • Fuel Tank: 4.6 Gallon Tank Available

  • Fuel Consumption Per Hour: 1 Gallon/hr (4.3 liters)!!

  • Fuel Pump: Vacuum Pump Integrated in Engine Housing

  • Engine ONLY Dry Weight: 83 Lbs (37.6 Kg)

  • *Oil Change Every: 25 Flights or Hrs.

  • MAX PILOT WEIGHT: 800 Lbs. (363 Kg)

  • **OIL CHANGE SCHEDULE: For FIRST RUN MOTOR BREAK-IN, oil should be changed at 3 hours run-time. After break-in, follow a normal schedule of changing approx. every 25 flights (or hours). Check oil level before EVERY flight (run engine at idle for 10 seconds – stop engine and check oil level). ONLY USE MANUFACTURER-RECOMMENDED OIL.

  • *US FUEL REGULATIONS NOTICE: BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc sells Powered Paragliding Equipment globally. In most other countries, there are not regulations on maximum fuel capacity. If you purchase a BlackHawk INTRUDER in the United States, you are required by law to not exceed 5 US gallons of fuel at any given time.





Helvenco Suissauto Aero 1000 250 Four Stroke Ultralight Go Kart USA Dealer Importer BUSH DAWG Paramotor

Aero 1000 4-Stroke With EFI


Aero 1000 4-Stroke With EFI Starting at $8,800

Many wonder how such a small displacement engine (275cc) can harness this kind of power from a single cylinder. As Mike Robinson explained: “Part of the secret is high RPM capability. This ‘powerhouse, Swiss-made engine’ runs at 9500 RPM and idles at around 2000-2200 RPM.” The Aero 1000 HIGH OUTPUT  was engineered well beyond 16,000 RPM!

The latest HIGH-OUTPUT version of the Aero 1000 has 10% more HP (39.5hp). This high-output design is “extremely economical on fuel.” Pilots can enjoy hours of flight, on a single tank of gas, with the extraordinary reliability of a 4-stroke.


Upon starting the engine, pilots will notice that it has a great sound to it. Very smooth, with a robust 4-stroke rumble. This is much different from a typical 2-stroke Paramotor. As Mike Robinson stated: “Most 2-stroke engines sound like a weed-eater! This baby sounds like an actual aircraft engine!”


In this sport, power-to-weight ratio is extremely important. Not just for performance, but for legal reasons. Paramotors have to be under a certain weight to qualify as a non-licensed sport. Aircraft manufacturers (like BlackHawk) seek to squeeze every last drop of power out of their engines. In the case of the Aero 1000 HO, they did just that. “The standard Aero 1000 has so much potential that we pushed forward with the HIGH-OUTPUT design” said Robinson. “The 2022 High-Output configuration, or “The Bush Dawg” as we call it, is simply the finest 4-stroke paramotor on the market right now. And not just the engine. From the glider to the Alaskan Tundra tires, this is the ultimate Trike / Quad package.”

If you have any questions about the Bush Dawg, or the sport of Powered Paragliding, we’d love to hear from you: (833) PPG-FLYR. For sales, you can call or text Mike Robinson directly at (209) 481-0493.

Unmatched power-to-weight ratio & a smooth power-band

Thrust Testing The Aero 1000 Engines.

Helvenco Suissauto Aero 1000 250 Four Stroke Ultralight Go Kart USA Dealer Importer BUSH DAWG Paramotor

BlackHawk USA and Helvenco of Switzerland have thoroughly tested every aspect of our engines. This includes thrust testing which you can watch in the following videos:


Quality Control is Paramount to Us

All Aero 1000 engines are manufactured in small batches in Switzerland, to ensure the highest level of quality-control possible. Seen here are a few pictures from the Helvenco Factory.

Helvenco Suissauto Aero 1000 250 Four Stroke

Helvenco Team


Helvenco Suissauto Aero 1000 250 Four Stroke
Helvenco Suissauto Aero 1000 250 Four Stroke
Helvenco Suissauto Aero 1000 250 Four Stroke

Secondary Generator Coil

“DOUBLE the charge power on your Aero 1000 system and charge more 3rd party products!”

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