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The Aero 1000 line of Fuel-Injected 4-Stroke engines have become a SUPERIOR & more reliable alternative to older 4-Strokes like the Rotax 503. Today, the Aero 1000 HO (HIGH OUTPUT) is used in Ultralight Aircraft like the Quicksilver Sprint. Lightweight, yet powerful enough to handle the demands of (FAR 103) Aircraft.

4-Stroke Aviation Made Affordable

World’s Most Affordible Fuel Injected (Aviation) 4-Stroke

Award Winning Performance

The Aero 1000 is a global Championship Winner

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Revered by Aviation Enthusiasts as “one of the finest Aviation 4-Stroke motors of its kind in production today.”

  • 39.5 Horse Power & 275 CC’s Displacement

  • Producing 276 Pounds Approximate Thrust

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Factory Direct

BlackHawk USA is North America’s exclusive Importer of Helvenco Aero 1000 engines.

  • Get FACTORY DIRECT pricing on the Aero 1000

  • Parts and service are domestically available

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Affordable Aviation 4-Strokes

BlackHawk USA sells the ONLY “affordable aviation 4-stroke motors.”

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Our Team of Designers, Mechanics, and Team Pilots are here to guide you.

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Since 1998, BlackHawk USA has been pioneering light sport aircraft.

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