The MOST AFFORDABLE Aircraft in The World!

The MOST AFFORDABLE Personal Aircraft in The World!

Extreme Sports Waterboarding

Powered Paragliding WITH Wheels

Quads & Trikes have made this incredible sport accessible to all. They are “the safest form of personal flight” available and have become known as “the dirt bikes of the sky.” Pilots can learn to fly on their own in just 3-5 days!

Extreme Sports Waterboarding

Powered Paragliding WITHOUT Wheels:

Takeoff and land from your backyard! The entire aircraft can be broken down to fit in the trunk of your car. For about the price of a dirt bike, you can now have your very own aircraft. Also known as a “Paramotor.”

NO Pilot License Required!

The only non-licensed form of personal flight

Takeoff in Just 50 feet!

Short takeoff and landing aircraft (STOLL)

Low and Slow Exploration!

Access places other aircraft cannot

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What is Powered Paragliding?

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BlackHawk USA offers Package Deals which include EVERYTHING needed to fly for under $10k

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The Aero 1000 line of 4-Strokes and Powered Paragliding…

The Aero 1000 has revolutionized the sport by its unmatched Power-to-weight ratio.

BlackHawk’s HIGH OUTPUT Aero 1000 engine produces an astonishing 276 pounds of THRUST! Weighing in at only 80 lbs (Engine only), you won’t find a better power-to-weight ratio in a FUEL INJECTED 4-Stroke! Lighter and more powerful… This makes the engine ideal for Powered Paragliding (Paramotoring).

BlackHawk USA

BlackHawk is “America’s #1 Selling Brand of Powered Paragliding Equipment.

BlackHawk USA manufactures and supplies more new aviation products than any other PPG Manufacturer.

BlackHawk USA’s Bush Dawg Fuel-Injected 4 Stroke is the most durable, most stable, and most reliable Paramotor platform on the market. BlackHawk has engineered an aircraft which qualifies for FAR part 103 (as a NON-LICENSED aircraft). Meaning, no Pilot License required, no hanger fees or costly annual inspections. It’s pure freedom to just FLY!

Learn How to Fly!

Our National Training Center

Over the last 2 decades, BlackHawk has trained THOUSANDS of students from around the world to fly safely on their own. We are changing lives, one flight at a time!

  • America’s most experienced Paramotor School

  • Learn to fly on your own in just 3-5 days

  • USPPA Certified Instructors & training facility

BlackHawk USA Experts

Meet Our Team

Mike Robinson
Mike RobinsonCEO Founder
Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson
Flight Instructor
Mike Medinger
Mike Medinger
Lead Mechanic
Javier Malaguita
Javier Malaguita
Team Pilot